Fear No Evil: A Test of Faith, A Courageous Church and an Unfailing God

By Brady Boyd          Zondervan, 2011           Hardcover, 237 pages          5 of 5 stars

When Brady Boyd became pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in September, 2007, the church was reeling from the loss of their previous pastor, who’d been removed for moral misconduct only thirteen months before.

Brady’s first few months in his new role were challenging, as he attempted to help the church heal while leading them where God wanted them to go.

But 100 days later, as the church began their annual Advent Christmas celebrations, Brady felt things were settling down. That Sunday in early December, after the morning services, many people had already left the building, but many others were still around, gathering up children, reconnecting with friends, planning for lunch.

That’s when an armed gunman entered the New Life campus.

Because of the church’s security system, the young man was quickly stopped – but not before he’d killed two teenaged sisters, injured three adults, and lost his own life.

Now New Life Church had made national news twice within a year-and-a-half – and they had two tragedies to recover from.

In Fear No Evil, Pastor Brady clearly describes what happened at New Life Church in the aftermath of the shooting. He tells about the impact on the church members, and how God led him to lead the people toward forgiveness, recovery, health, and spiritual growth.

Fear No Evil tells an incredible story… and it is a remarkable book. Though most of us will never experience a mass shooting, the book’s messages are applicable to every one of us. We need this reminder to look to God when we’re suffering, and we need to be taught these strategies for keeping a God-honoring perspective — when times are sunny and when pain enters our lives.

I especially recommend Fear No Evil for church leaders. I hope they will read it – and I pray they’ll pass on its hard-earned truths to their own congregations.

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~ by Laureen Guenther on August 9, 2012.

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